Nos services aux propriétaires; Nos services aux entraîneurs; Nos services aux éleveurs; Contact; Liens utiles; Mentions légales; Sagittarius Conseils Nicolas SCHENKERY Tél. Thanks to your voluntary contribution to France Galop from your race earnings, the Conversion Fund” allows retired racehorses to enjoy an appropriate second life. 8Registration with the French Commercial Registry. Transport companies do not charge for arranging the itinerary, departure and return times. Le choix des couleurs du propriétaire était donc fondamental pour pouvoir suivre la course et identifier l’ordre des chevaux à l’arrivée. N° 186 of 28 October 2002 5G-12-02 (professional horse racing associations tax system). This approval is published in the official Racing Bulletin. The share holders must be individually approved by the France Galop stewards. Shareholders in Ecurie Helios are recognised as full owners by France Galop. - Tel :, Requests for duplicates of  identification passports must be submitted to the “Service des Livrets”, in the care of  Mrs. Isabelle Tora. 34 Rue Kléber The purchase of mares, stallions or shares in stallions for flat racing or jump racing is possible subject to the fulfilment of the following conditions: Having produced a black-type prior to the purchase and a maximum of 12 years old at the time of the purchase. Minimum capital of the company: 16 000 € for Paris, 13 000 € for the provinces. The arbitration committee will be able to waive its principles for stallions that show special promise. Aujourd’hui, elle épaule à temps plein la société d’entraînement de son mari et de sa fille. Gérant de AGV Karwin Stud, il a été directeur de haras pendant sept ans. En 2011, il est arrivé 4ème à une course de plat. It’s an all-inclusive package and the price per share covers all stabling expenses for 2 years. They contribute to educational mails from the Manager. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Les Pur-Sang sont des chevaux de course destinés aux sports hippiques, mais ils peuvent concourir dans de nombreux sports équestres comme le saut d'obstacles, le concours complet d'équitation, le dressage et le polo, être montés en chasse à courre ou devenir des montures d'instruction dans les clubs d'équitation. We will not buy yearlings or unraced two-year-olds, but rather concentrate on horses who can offer syndicate members plenty of action from the start. Website :, AGENCE PANORAMIC Members of the club are based principally in Paris and the South-West. In order to run horses, the future owner has to obtain the approval of the France Galop stewards. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Depuis septembre 2020, dix affaires pour des équidés mutilés ou décédés ont été ouvertes. This is the owner who entrusts his trainer with his horses and gets involved in decisions concerning the training and  racing career. : 01 49 10 21 20 – The number of owners who share the ownership of a horse is limited to twenty. He can eventually transfer this authority to his trainer. It had its first runner in March 2007 and experienced its first victory in April 2007. Possibility to opt for V.A.T. The mare must be covered in France in the two first years following her purchase; otherwise the grant must be reimbursed. (Sale price – acquisition price) are reduced by a general allowance of 10% applicable on the capital gains for personal property, for every year of possession after the second year. In order benefit from this service, which necessitates the attribution of a personal password, it is sufficient to send your request to : 1For a preliminary study, send France Galop a copy of your articles of incorporation (bylaws) and corporate registration number. Bien que le processus de devenir un propriétaire de chevaux de course est pas difficile, il est coûteux et nécessite un grand investissement de temps ainsi. Le Syndicat National des Propriétaires de Chevaux de courses au Galop, la plus ancienne institution porte-parole des propriétaires de chevaux de galop. The company holds an account at France Galop. Boetie’s Dream (entered in the Prix du Jockey-Club 2014), Dance Moves, Spirit Quartz and No News, Antoine de Watrigant, Mont de Marsan (40). The professional capital gain system is applicable in the short or long-term, with the possibility of total exemption for smallholders if the activity has been exercised for five years, (art. A black-type performance on the flat is a classification in the three first finishes obtained in a “listed” or “group” event figuring in the first part of the International Cataloguing Standards. 84701 SORGUES CEDEX – FRANCE Sarthe. Tel. Ancien associé gérant de la société Andersen Consulting puis Accenture (1995-2008). This net capital gain is taxable at a rate of 19%, plus 15.50% (“CSG” + “CRDS” + “PS”), amounting to 34.50%. Being an owner of a racehorse is an exceptional hobby and because it remains an activity that can be very lucrative, taxation is unavoidable. Important indicator (but not sufficient): the involvement of horses in racing at the owner’s instruction. The activity doesn’t present a professional character; the deficit may not be deducted from professional profits, nor from the total income. This representative  may run the horse(s) in his name or in the name of the company. Pascal Bary, Gouvieux (60) Ancien Gentleman-rider, Officier de cavalerie de réserve, diplômé de l’Institut des Hautes Etudes de Droit rural et d’Economie Agricole, également ancien membre du Conseil de l’obstacle, du Stud Book Pur Sang. The annual membership subscription fee is determined by the committee of France Galop. Or the authorization to debit a France Galop account. 8 annonces de chevaux trouvées pour Chevaux de loisir Réformé des Courses à vendre.Consultez les annonces de Chevaux de loisir Réformé des Courses à vendre et achetez un cheval sur Actuellement: Président du Comité Régional des régions Centre Est et Est, membre du Comité de France Galop, de la Commission des Régions, Vice-président de l’Association des Eleveurs de Chevaux de Sang du Centre Est, Vice-président de la Société des Courses de Moulins, membre du Conseil d’Administration de l’Association AQPS, du Comité de la Fédération des Eleveurs, du Conseil d’Administration de la Société des Courses de Vichy. Entraîneurs et Propriétaires (2); Les Cavaliers Professionnels (2); Les Champs de Course (2); Les Chevaux (3); Les Courses Hippiques (3) Capital gains system for professionals, short-term and long-term. Il est possible de rejoindre un groupe de plusieurs propriétaires pour un investissement minime. Mikel Delzangles, Gouvieux (60) Fax : +33 4 90 39 13 01 However, the French seasons fulfilled previously are not questioned. L’assemblée générale ordinaire de l’Association des propriétaires de chevaux de course au galop du Sud-Est et de Corse s’est tenue le jeudi 13 février dans le salon panoramique de l’hippodrome de Marseille-Vivaux à l’issue de la réunion de courses. Information within this directory has been supplied by the racing clubs concerned. Forms of Ownership, Email : Once the ceiling is reached, owners will not receive further travel allowances until 1 January of the following year. The second year saw the successful two-year-old Money Maker in the major Prix Yacowlef, giving the club its second Listed race success in only two years. The racing club has a yearling filly from Authorized and a foal from Le Havre. Names where the spelling or pronunciation is too close to a name already given. Attention: What is the premium rate for the breeder for the result of this crossbreeding? They will be taken in by families, riding schools or placed with a mounted police force under the  rotection and supervision of the “French League for the Protection of Horses” (LFPC) with whom France Galop has signed an agreement. Tél. Mathieu Boutin, Lamorlaye (60) You can lease a horse and either run it under your own  silks or with others co-lessees. Up 127 rue Amelot 75011 Paris • Tony Clout, Lamorlaye (60) If the horse is transported by an approved transport company: the owner (seller) receives a travel allowance within the limit of the available ceiling; this travel allowance will be simultaneously transferred from the seller to the transport company. Jacques Heloury, Chazay-sur-Ain (01) The price of a share covers all costs arising from campaigning the club’s racehorses. This case applies particularly to breeder-owners. The amount of the subsidised loan must be between 20.000 € and 200.000 €. For horses that run during an extended meeting, the owner receives an allowance corresponding to the distance from its point of departure (before the race) and its post-race destination. Entrusts his/her horses to a trainer exercising due diligence with a view to arranging a source of income. 3After study of the articles of incorporation, France Galop sends a customized answer to the applicant via e-mail. Demande de contact: Partager. Des équipes de bénévoles et un secrétariat permanent sont à votre service pour répondre à toutes vos attentes et défendre au mieux vos intérêts dans le monde des courses. In its very first year, members had the pleasure of having a runner in the Prix de Diane, Bocaiuva. Quoi qu'il en soit, la structure hébergeante doit obtenir l'aval de la Société d'encouragement du cheval français (SECF) ou de France Galop. For any additional question, you can get in touch with the Owners’ Department. Racing clubs. They originated from the first partnership of co-owners created in 1994 as a limited company. 38 000 € if the horse is to be trained in Paris (Chantilly/Maisons-Laffitte). You can thus have direct access to the required topic. For capital companies whose main objective is to profit from their racehorses and maybe their stud careers, the names of all shareholders and partners that make up the company have to be known to the France Galop Stewards. From 1 January 2014, the annual travel limit per horse was fixed at 3000 Euros. Group races and races that are Quinté+ support races : 45 %, 22 %, 13 %, 9 %, 5%, 3,5 %, 2,5 % of total prize-money. The modification must be made no later than four days prior to the final declaration stage of horsesentered in a race . Welcome to the Owner’s Guide Il s’en est donc suivi une codification très stricte de tout l’apparat du propriétaire, portant principalement sur la casaque et la toque que portent le … Ces formes de propriété sont également idéales pour s’initier à l’univers des courses dans une ambiance conviviale. Syndicat National des Propriétaires de Trotteurs Domaine de Grosbois, Cour des Communs – 94470 Boissy St Léger Email : Téléphone : 03 21 46 90 70. The club’s trainer, Antoine de Watrigant, is also a shareholder. Bien entendu, il est indispensable d'avoir l'espace nécessaire à son bien-être et son entraînement. Names where the pronunciation, meaning or spelling is of suggestive nature or is considered rude or gross, Commercial Names except with the signed authorization of the person empowered to do so, A letter from the owner or his/her representative testifying to the loss of the identification booklet, A paper with an outline diagram and physical description by an individual approved for the identification of horses, Cheque in the amount of 120 € (French horses) – 135 € (horses from GB and IRE) – 100 € (US horses) – 176.55€ (horses from GER) made payable to France Galop or the authorization to debit a France Galop account or a bank transfer (+ 30 € administration fees for a foreign transfer). Dans les courses de plat, ouvertes aux chevaux étrangers et courues en France, les propriétaires de chevaux français ou assimilés, reçoivent une prime sur toutes les allocations distribuées. Un haras propose au grand public de devenir propriétaire de ses trotteurs de course pendant deux ans. It gives you the right to the following benefits: All holders of an account assigned by France Galop may consult the balance and movements of his/her account by Internet or the mobile version of Professional Web Site, this version has been validated for the following browsers : Safari (iOS); Internet, Chrome (Android), Windows Phone (Intenet Explorer 10). LE SNPT. Jacques Detre a l'œil pour les bons chevaux Les gains des propriétaires de chevaux de course. Copyright 2016 Up. It is totally protected by French owner’s rights as well as by the French Intellectual Property code. Propriétaire depuis une dizaine d’années. Payment can be made by requesting for your account at France Galop to be debited. Le classement par gains, sur une année civile, des propriétaires ayant eu un cheval ayant couru sous ses couleurs en France. 46 place Abel Gance 92655 Boulogne Cedex Owner Associations are available to supply new owners with any additional information regarding their taxation. THIS GUIDE BOOK IS PUBLISHED BY FRANCE GALOP If a horse ran in several races and returned to its training centre in between races, the travel allowance will be paid for each of its starts. For more information on joint ownership, please contact the “Service des Licences”  at France Galop. The amount of travel allowance paid for travel to racecourses cannot exceed this ceiling. : +33 3 44 67 14 30 Les propriétaires de chevaux au Québec peuvent depuis jeudi aller prendre soin de leur animal en pension dans les écuries. Exceptionally, a horse may be placed in temporary joint-ownership for a fixed-term under the form of a syndicate comprising a number of equal parts that may not exceed forty. Être propriétaire c'est rejoindre un club avec ses codes, ses valeurs, ses légendes et ses services exclusifs. : 01 47 61 06 09 – There is possibility of a partial exemption between 90 000 € and 126 000 €. The other members are not approved but the individual files of these members will be sent by France Galop to the Ministry of Interior Racing and Gaming bureau  in order to facilitate the ethical enquiry. Des plaintes? Mademoiselle J. plutôt jolie cavalière de 26 ans, désire subitement monter à cheval, prendre un cours pour "perfectionner sa mise en selle". Communiqué. ou du lundi au vendredi, de 8 h 30 à 17 h. phone icon. Créée en 1983, l'UNPCS compte aujourd'hui plusieurs centaines d' adhérents, loisirs et compétition, à travers toute la France, le plus jeune a onze ans et le plus ancien soixante-dix-sept ans. Only one dossier will be accepted per breeder (several qualified breeders may benefit from the subsidy for the same mare, but limited to the set total above). Gentleman-rider pendant plus de 25 ans, a monté principalement en obstacle et en cross. Thanks to regular updates (via emails from the stables) and the availability of its trainers, it has succeeded in creating a real team. The objective of the racing club is to allow the shareholders to regularly attend races and live their passion in the most serenity, without new money. Bienvenue sur le site de la première association nationale de propriétaires de chevaux de selle. 92300 Levallois-Perret – France Limited to the contributions and provisions of the Galop Racing Code. The club is currently full, but a similar club will open in 2015. Business partnerships, of which most come in form of joint-ownership with the objective of running and keeping a racehorse in training, are for tax purposes treated in a transparent manner. A General Meeting is held once a year and decides by a majority the withdrawals and entries of members. Retour accueil La fiscalité des chevaux de course ... Régime de plus-value en cas de cession d’un cheval de course Les plus-values réalisées par les propriétaires intervenants non professionnels sont imposables suivant le régime des plus-values professionnelles.

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