Medical Experiments in Auschwitz Conducted by I.G. Gresham's Law and the Covid Pandemic , Jacob Puliyel , Sunday Guardian (India), 06. The scientific value of all these experiments, whether ordered by the IG Farben or not, was in fact zero. Like thousands of other children, she was destined to be gassed once her usefulness to Nazi science had ceased. 2020. Within weeks of the authorities being contacted by the BBC, Zoe received a cheque for a little over £2,000 from the German compensation fund. He was released after serving only four years. The test preparations were not only applied to those prisoners who were ill, but also to healthy ones. Farben — Hell’s Cartel — was THE pivotal company without whom Hitler could not have implemented his industrialized “scientific” Holocaust. Bayer did eventually apologize for their role in the Holocaust — in 1995. I.G. Durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, les nazis l'ont utilisé pour la désinfection, mais principalement dans les chambres à gaz des centres d'extermination : les premiers essais homicides ont été effectués dans le bloc 11 d'Auschwitz I sur des prisonniers de guerre soviétiques1, mais la plupart des victimes du Zyklon B ont été les Juifs et Tziganes d'Europe assassinés durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Saved by a Russian doctor who evacuated her to Dachau, she recovered and eventually settled in Scotland. Farben – from Anilin to forced labor” by Jörg Hunger and Paul Sander) Bayer has worked in good faith with the German government to establish a fund to help those who have suffered. As documents show, IG Farben was intimately involved with the human experimental atrocities committed by Mengele at Auschwitz. “I want to make sure people remember what happened to people like me when I was a child at Auschwitz,” she says. They produced everything from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing chemicals to explosives. The SS physician Dr. Hoven testified to this during the Nuremberg Trial: “It should be generally known, and especially in German scientific circles, that the SS did not have notable scientists at its disposal. After the Nuremberg trials, companies like BASF and Bayer were formed from the splintered monolith. 2019. Missing, hidden and destroyed adverse event data. (Excerpt from “I.G. I’m still very wary of men wearing white coats.”. Not long after, in 1956, Ter Meer was elevated to the chairman of the supervisory board at BAYER, a position he held for seven years. 2020. “They want us all to die so they won’t have to pay out so much money,” Zoe says. His name was Dr Victor Capesius. With news of Bayer's merger with Monsanto, ... For those too old, too small, or too weak to work, it had Zyklon B, designed and produced by an IG Farben subsidiary, Degesch. The Zyklon B gas, which killed millions of Jews, Gypsies and other people was produced by IG Farben´s subsidiary company Degesch. please send an e-mail for receiving the English newsletter Keycode BAYER free of charge. Next, go more in-depth on how IBM helped the Nazis carry out the Holocaust. An important proposal that ameliorates our lack of protective equipment and spares both patients and healthcare workers, Proposed School Exclusion Bad for America’s Kids, Doctors and Educators Say. OP-ED: Why Americans don’t trust vaccine makers , Meryl Nass, 01. The forced sale price was way below the actual market value: 100,000 square meter property for 3,000 Reichsmark. IG Farben employees frequently told their slave laborers that, “If you don’t work faster, you’ll be gassed. Documents show that in 1942 IG Farben´s branch office in Uerdingen, Germany occupies what had been the town’s Jewish cemetery. Elderly Holocaust survivors, former soldiers and world leaders have gathered in Poland to mark the 60th anniversary: “I would like to say to all the people on the Earth: This should never be repeated, ever,” said Maj. Anatoly Shapiro, 92, who led the first Soviet troops to enter Auschwitz. We need some 150 women (…)” – “We confirm your approval of the agreement. More than 1,500 individuals and about 100 German groups have signed this platform. German/Italian/French/Spanish newsletters also available. Then, check out the craziest Nazi weapons ever designed. Indisputable: CDC is not making prudent vaccine recommendations , Meryl Nass, 03. There she underwent several painful operations to repair the damage done to her body. The IG Farben culture continues to drive the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. In a joint appeal the coalition demands that there has to be an appropriate compensation by the companies for slave-workers and their descendants. Dr Capesius was tried in Frankfurt for war crimes in 1963 and served time in prison. It is clear that the experiments in the concentration camps with IG preparations only took place in the interests of the IG, which strived by all means to determine the effectiveness of these preparations. 2019. Once Hitler officially came to power, they agreed on a formal Reich contract to enlarge t… Now living in Dundee, Scotland, she tells her story in a BBC documentary. ”. Although it is nearly 60 years since the end of World War II, for survivors like Zoe the consequences of the war are as alive today as they were in January 1945 when the Russian Army liberated Auschwitz. These people were first infected on purpose through pills, powdered substances, injections or enemas. The Nazis wanted to sterilise the population of the east, especially Russian people, but enable them to continue to be useful as workers.”, Bayer says the company which exists today has nothing to do with its wartime counterpart. Bayer faisait partie d’IG Farben, groupement qui a financé les nazis et fabriqué du Zyklon B. Bayer fait déjà partie depuis 1905 d’une alliance avec BASF et AGFA. The company’s contribution to this fund amounted to more than £40m.”. United States Holocaust Memorial MuseumZyklon B, developed by IG Farben. Monsanto rejects Bayer $62bn bid Monsanto has turned down Bayer's $62bn (£43bn) takeover bid as incomplete and "financially inadequate," Reuters reports German drugs giant Bayer made the offer for Monsanto. It consisted of hydrogen cyanide (prussic acid), a warning eye irritant, and one of several adsorbents such as diatomaceous earth. 2020. Although 13 of the 24 company directors arraigned were convicted of war crimes, all of these Nazi collaborators received early release, and most of them were reinstated as directors of the new corporations created out of the dissolution of IG Farben. IG Farben, le consortium de Bayer, a également fournit aux nazis le Zyklon B utilisé dans les chambres à gaz, et a massivement exploité la main-d’œuvre concentrationnaire dans ses usines. Scientific experiments were also done in other concentration camps. “We have to look upon the camps as outposts of pharmacological research. 2020. A decisive fact is that IG employee SS major Dr. med. 07. Farben ran slave labor camps throughout Nazi Germany, one of which held Weisel as a prisoner. He helped Dr Mengele to conduct genetic experiments, usually on children, and also selected thousands of prisoners at the huge death camp, choosing those who might be useful and sending the rest to an immediate death with a flick of his finger. (By Mark Handscomb, BBC Radio 4 reporter for It’s My Story ). Enjoy this article on Nazi collaborators? 2020. , Meryl Nass, 03. It was no coincidence that IG Farben built their giant new plant in Auschwitz, since the workforce they used (altogether about 300.000 people) was practically for free. The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal sentenced him to seven years in prison. Please prepare for us 150 women in the best health possible (…)” –, “Received the order for 150 women. In 1995 the coalition “Never again!” was created by the German Auschwitz Committee, Critical Shareholders and several organizations of former slave workers. Farben – from Anilin to forced labor” by Jörg Hunger and Paul Sander). Many of the medications caused the victims to vomit or have bloody diarrhoea. “The test results in the concentration camps, as the IG laboratory specialists should have known, could not be compared to results made under normal circumstances”. Protecting Yourself from Covid-19 , Meryl Nass, 02. An important proposal that ameliorates our lack of protective equipment and spares both patients and healthcare workers , Meryl Nass , Anthrax Vaccine, 02. A deal would have created the world's biggest agricultural supplier. Gabe is a New York City-based writer and an Editorial Intern at All That Is Interesting. Tel: (+49) 211-333 911 2020. Farben (Excerpt from “I.G. 2020. The COALITION AGAINST BAYER-DANGERS demands that the company publicly apologize for the defilement of the Uerdingen cemetery and affix a memorial plaque to the main gate of the company´s Uerdingen works. Several books shed light on the co-dependence of the military industrial complex that enabled the Third Reich to execute the Holocaust. Bayer was created as an independent company, but by the 1930s were a part of the company IG Farben, a conglomerate formed by a number of major chemical companies in Germany. 2019. Following several later mergers the main successor companies are Agfa, BASF, Bayer and Sanofi. A spokesperson told the BBC: “Between 1925 and 1952, no company named Bayer existed, neither as a subsidiary of IG Farben nor as any other legal entity. In the Auschwitz files, correspondence between the camp commander and Bayer Leverkusen was discovered. After the war the property was passed on to IG Farben´s successor BAYER AG. Zoe Polanska Palmer never imagined she would survive Dr Mengele’s experiments in Auschwitz. 2020. During the Holocaust, a German company called IG Farben manufactured the Zyklon B gas used in the Nazi gas chambers. Farben Fax: (+49) 211-333 940 Hello, lawsuits? IG Farben was also the company that developed the Zyklon B gas that was used in Nazi death camps to kill Jews and other “undesirables.”. We will contact you shortly about a new shipment (…)”. His grave in Krefeld has a meter-high wreath on it – donated by BAYER in recognition of his services. She had campaigned for 28 years but received nothing. But I was one of the very few lucky ones who managed to survive.” “The concentration camps were used as a huge laboratory for human experimentation,” says Wolfgang Eckhart, the Professor of Historical Medicine at Heidelberg University. Bayer, the company most known for their popular product Aspirin, has its own horrifying history with Nazi Germany. 2020. According to our faith, taking possession of the cemetery without exhuming the bodies is tantamount to defiling the graves.”. The activities were organized by the Coalition against Bayer-dangers, a group that has monitored Bayer for 25 years. Goodbye 'Monsatan' Dubbed "Monsatan" and "Mutanto" by critics, the US firm has for decades been … At least 30.000 slave workers died in this camp; a lot more were deported to the gas chambers. 2019. The test persons were in bad physical condition, caused by forced labor, insufficient and wrong nutrition and diseases in the concentration camp. After the end of World War I, chemical companies in Germany merged to form IG Farben. [2] Este composto foi escolhido por proporcionar, com eficiência, uma morte rápida. The Nazis dissolved the Jewish Community of Uerdingen in 1942. After the war, Zoe married and settled in Scotland. Unethical human experiments are a major threat to vulnerable populations everywhere – including in the US where, for example, the EPA is seeking to conduct pesticide exposure experiments on children. Now suffering from cancer, she is a remarkably cheerful woman whose home in a quiet suburb is punctuated with laughter from her jokes and tears from her memories. Beginning in September 1941, Zyklon B, the brand name for hydrogen cyanide (HCN), was the poison used to kill at least a million people in gas chambers at Nazi concentration and death camps such as Auschwitz and Majdanek, both in Poland.Unlike the Nazis' earlier methods of mass murder, Zyklon B, which was originally used as a common disinfectant and insecticide, proved to be an … Challenging The Promotion Of Antidepressants For Non-Severe Depression , John Noble, Jr. , Alain Braillon, and Joel Lexchin, Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavia. For years an Auschwitz survivor has tried to win compensation from the pharmaceutical giant that carried out medical experiments on her. Now IG Farben will cease to exist. In Germany a growing number of people do not understand that IG Farben´s successors Bayer, BASF and Hoechst still refuse to apologize for their misdeeds. In most cases the prisoners died as a result of the experiments. Corrupt, coordinated assault managed by WHO on an inexpensive and effective treatment / Nass , Meryl Nass, 03. 4 | Bayer. (Read: Rath Foundation. Bayer’s parent company, Bayer AG, was part of the German chemical conglomerate I.G. Helmuth Vetter, stationed in several concentration camps, participated in these experiments by order of Bayer Leverkusen. Dr. Rath was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1955.]. Fritz ter Meer, who directed operations at the IG Farben plant at Auschwitz, became the president of Bayer after the war. When Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, IG Farben worked closely with the Nazi government and military to capture chemical factories in the nation so they could be used by the corporation. Bien sûr, ce titre est provocateur, et on pourra nous accuser de manquer de nuance. 2020. Conçu comme pesticide, le Zy… They also funded and helped with Josef Mengele’s torture “experiments” on concentration camp prisoners. But she has never been able to have children. If this is acceptable to you, the women will be placed in our possession. The Nazis required lots of machinery to help carry out the Holocaust — and some of it was supplied by IBM. 2019. Bayer was one of the four original chemical companies that … Another longtime Bayer employee, Helmut Vetter, also worked as a SS doctor at Auschwitz. He was involved in the testing of experimental vaccines and medicines on inmates and after the war he was executed for administering fatal injections. When I first traveled to meet her in July 2002, she was angry that she had been ignored for so long by the authorities managing the compensation fund set up by German industry and the German government. They let the SS deal with the – shall I say – dirty work in the concentration camps. Phamaceutical business history. They let the SS deal with the – shall I say – dirty work in the concentration camps. In addition to this there were generally bad sanitary circumstances in the laboratories. manufactured the Zyklon-B used to murder over 6 million Jews, Poles, Gypsies, homosexuals and Russians in the concentration camp GAS CHAMBERS—they were carrying out Pilgrims Society depopulation. Furthermore, IG Farben relied on concentration camp slave labor throughout World War II and the Holocaust. A Novel Approach to Treating COVID-19 Using Nutritional and Oxidative Therapies , David Brownstein , Science, Public Health Policy & the Law, 06. Below is an excerpt from a BBC documentary about an Auschwitz survivor who for years tried to get compensation from the pharmaceutical giant that carried out medical experiments on her. It was not the IG’s intention to bring any of this out in the open, but rather to put up a smoke screen around the experiments so that (…) they could keep any profits to themselves. The SS physician Dr. Hoven testified to this during the Nuremberg Trial: “It should be generally known, and especially in German scientific circles, that the SS did not have notable scientists at its disposal. IG Farben was the only German company in the Third Reich that ran its own concentration camp. All test persons died. We will keep you informed of the developments regarding the experiments (…)” –, “The experiments were performed. Nor did her German doctors. Wehmeier’s intro consisted of an apology on behalf of Bayer’s World War II former parent company, IG Farben. Hans Frankenthal, former slave worker in IG Farben´s plant in Auschwitz and board member of the Jewish Community: “I was terrified when I learned from this offence against Jewish belief. Now living in Dundee, she tells her story in a BBC documentary. Also the maintenance of the memorial at Auschwitz, which reminds the public of IG Farben´s victims, should be paid by the corporations. Fritz ter Meer served on the IG Farben board of directors from 1926 to 1945 and was the head officer directing the operations of the IG Farben factory at Auschwitz.