De 1935 à 1938, le prix est décerné au département musique des studios et non aux compositeurs eux-mêmes. Nice MPEG as with the others I have put on here transfered from Super 8. Filmed outdoors on a Western set with a shapely cowgirl wearing only a hat and a strategically placed gun belt. Carmen was very popular at this time and one of the reasons Chaplin decided to create his own comedy version on the opera. A unique bit of carpentry. 1960s S&M Fetish Stag Film, Dominatrix & Schoolgirl (part 2), Zorro Rides Again - Chapter 3: Juggernaut, Terminal Island: exploitation, Phyllis Davis nude out takes. Circa 1950s, Young woman posing and showing off her lovely body. You can read... Incredibly, in the '60s the only medium to show total racial equality (by reversing the power roles) was the underground fetish industry. You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page . Charlie Chaplins 53rd Film Released July 10 1916 The Vagabond was a silent film by Charlie Chaplin and his third film with Mutual Films. Suribachi, cinematically captured here in this well-edited (by Warner Bros.)... Nice little film from the late 1950s. "Riding the Human Pony Girl", a film loop by Irving Klaw from the 1950s. The domme wails away on the girl like a maniac. Le Monde de Narnia, chapitre 3 : L'Odyssée du Passeur d'Aurore 2010. Volumes are region-specific resources. Here, dominant black women literally beat Whitey's ass. An Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary, this 20 minute Technicolor production unfolds with graphic energy the nearly month long battle for Iwo Jima, a volcanic island lying 700 miles southeast of Japan, in which 20000 Japanese and nearly 7000 American fighting men were killed, a struggle eternalized by Joe Rosenthal's photograph of five Marines and a Navy corpsman raising a giant U.S. flag atop 550 foot high Mt. 60s sexploitation: Maidens of Fetish Street, Tortured Females, etc. At the same time, Hollywood was busy touting stuff like "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" Écoutez plus de 70 millions de titres, des centaines de playlists et stations en illimité et sans publicité avec votre abonnement Amazon Music Unlimited. De 1983 à 1985 : Meilleure partition originale et Meilleure partition de chansons et adaptation musicale. Zorro Rides Again - Chapter 5: Sky Pirates, Charlie Chaplin's "A Burlesque On Carmen", Nightmare in Badham County (1976) women in prison, exploitation, Zorro Rides Again: Chapter 6 - The Fatal Shot, French 1940s fetish stag film used in "Performance", Human Pony Girl, 50s Irving Klaw fetish stag film, Motel Confidential (1967) exploitation roughie scene. Superb 1950s film. This was edited down from a much longer reel but includes all the zoom-in, fade out scene changes. Colmax, société française de production et de distribution de film porno streaming, rachetée par Jacquie et Michel, le spécialiste français du X et de la VOD. Le film, bien que réalisé en 1952, n'est sorti aux États-Unis qu'en 1972. Nice little colour film of Janey in the late sixties. Half way in the two mistresses have to stop and change the slave's arm position. The following is an overview of events in 1988 in film, including the highest-grossing films, award ceremonies and festivals, a list of films released and notable deaths.Rain Man was awarded the Academy Award for Best Picture, marking one of the few instances where the top-grossing film of the year was also the winner of such an Oscar award that year. Shot in the 1920's with a score by that fantastic vocalist of the first quarter of the last century, BILLY MURRAY.Inpired by King Waylons library. Looks like a nettles branch and some sort of plastic flogger at the end. Features. However, this one scene of a con artist couple is from another world entirely. This film is part of a series I'm posting on vintage fetish films, not porn. Seeing the Mick Jagger film "Performance" (1970) in the late '70s, was intrigued by the vintage BDSM clips used in a scene set in a sleazy theater. Of possible interest to film students and bad film buffs, two versions (TV and theater) of a scene from a cheesy TV-movie. This film echoed Chaplin's work on The Tramp, with more drama mixed in with comedy. Includes fancy bondage, some light spanking, and girl-on-girl pony riding. A lovely but dumb blonde learns you shouldn't play the bongos when your mistress is napping. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. Superb 3 mins plus worth of vintage bathing. Sixties colour film. Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution Moulin Rouge (Moulin Rouge! ) Amusing scenes from 3 public domain exploitation and horror films. It was released in 1915 and then later recut into a different version in 1916. These are: (1) Satánico Pandemonium (Mexico, 1975) (2) The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine (Italy, 1974) (3) Images... She was beautiful and what a body she had. Film Credit: this public domain film is available on "Bizarro Sex Loops 21". Note the elaborate leather harness, wrist restraints, and face mask. The crazed dominatrix really goes to town on her bound submissive. Features an especially beautiful and well-built blonde and some nice touches. est un film romantique et musical américano - australien co-écrit, co-produit et réalisé par Baz Luhrmann , sorti en 2001 . De 1935 à 1938, la catégorie récompense les studios. 8,583,104 What a georgeous body!!! "Olga's House of Shame" (1964) is the third in the notorious sexploitation series starring Audrey Campbell. Unable to get any more film offers, she is forced to work as a... very nice girl from the sixties in colour. En 1958, une seule catégorie : Meilleure adaptation musicale. Albert Austin played an alarm clock owner who watches Charlie in dismay as he checks out the clock. Alice's Wonderland (1923), from the series Laugh-O-Grams. To see more clips and trailers in this series, search for "exploitation", "fetish film", "stag film", "sexploitation" and... First, "The Broken Vase", a rare fetish film by Paris photographer Jacques Biederer. Made by Jacques Biederer (Ostra Studio), a Paris photographer of high-class erotica. Charlie Chaplin's 61st Film Released June 17 1917. This is a public domain film-loop released on the "Bizarro Sex Loops 20"... 1960s Colour film. The last clip shows Candy Morrison on the beach with her tranny. Fabulous blonde stripper from the mid sixties. Could a big reward for the capture of a fugitive bank robber answer their financial prayers? Then she spots a tiara and puts it on. "Dressage au Fouet" (Raising with the Whip), a remarkable, rare, purely fetishistic film (not porn) of a mistress disciplining her slave. She is curious and loves to go on adventures. A notable counterpoint to the usual sinister S/M stereotypes. Dumb luck sets some policemen on his trail -- after a series of innovative escapes, he gets mistaken for a murderer with a price on his head, which means the people that aren't chasing him are fleeing from him. View a list of all the Short Films sorted by popularity. Fun'Karaoké teste toutes les vidéos avant de les partager, mais n'est en aucun cas responsable du contenu. (That's a lot of -isms.) Women Behaving Badly: 3 exploitation films, catfights etc. Selecció representativa de les millors produccions cinematogràfiques del cineasta català Joan Capdevila Nogués: geografia, tradicions, danses, esdeveniments populars, art, història i indústries catalanes, filmades en més d’un centenar de... Short and sweet example of a late '60s BDSM loop shot on 8 or 16mm film. He is disappointed, however, to find that his nephew is a foppish dandy. Early 1960s black and white film. Title: Disorder in the Court Summary: The stooges are witnesses at a trial where their friend, a dancer at a nightclub where they are musicians, is accused of murder. She only has one speed: flat out. "Slaves in Bondage" (1937) has specialty fetish prostitutes rough-housing and spanking each other, "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" (1962) and "Horrors of Spider Island" (1960) feature cat fighting biotches (meow!). By George Melies, an old 1902 film from france about a small group of scientists that travel to space on a rocket to get to the moon. The fantacy is complete, she is now the attic queen. From fetish photographer Jacques Biederer at his Ostra Studio. De 1942 à 1957 : Meilleure partition d'un film dramatique ou d'une comédie et Meilleure adaptation d'un film musical. De 1996 à 1999 : Meilleure partition originale pour un film dramatique et Meilleure partition originale pour un film musical ou une comédie. Jusqu'en 1946, le nombre de nominations était libre (culminant cette année-là à 21 dans la catégorie Meilleure partition originale). This film is a typical, light-hearted nudie-cutie about various couples shacking up at a motel. N'hésitez pas à revenir faire une Karaoké party avec Fun'Karaoké! The story begins with Charlie, playing music to raise money, and instead finds the abused girl (played by Edna) living in a gypsy camp. Betty Page, Tempest Storm and many others all appeared on Teaserama in the 1950s. The movie was written and directed by Chaplin. He is best known for his elegant, erotic photographs of fetishistic subjects: bondage, whipping, domination, spanking, and role-play. In this version you get over 3 mins of this lovely lady baring all. Early 1960s. Nice use of very '60s leopard pillows and wooden pole. Music by Lord Rockinghams 11, featuring Red Price (sax) and Cherry Wainer (electric organ) a big UK hit from 1958. This film, and its sequel "Olga's House of Shame", are the Rosetta Stone of "roughie" sexploitation in the '60s, as well as the fetish film industry that came of age in the '80s. Quite a nice idear for a short black and white film of the era. There's even a nice little ending bit. Their parter, Don Manuel Vega summons his nephew, James Vega, to help them as he is the great grandson of the original Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega. De 1981 à 1982 : Meilleure partition originale. The many explicit sex scenes had to be cut in order to keep this on the Archive. You can only move them between Droplets in the same datacenter. It only took 30 years to locate the actual stag reel. Unlike the crude, amateurish fetish films of the 60s, which are... 1950s Film. This stands out due to the fierce Latina dominatrix who resembles Tura Satana ("Faster, Pussycat, Kill Kill!") as daring and groundbreaking. A woman tears up a... Charlie Chaplin's 48th Film Released Dec. 18 1915 Charlie Chaplin's Burlesque on Carmen was Chaplin's 13th film for Essanay Films. These Girls Are Fools was also released as Hell is a Place Called Hollywood (1950) and reissued in 1956, but may have been filmed in the '40s. De 1986 à 1995 : Meilleure musique de film. A young woman goes to clean up the attic. Chaplin played the role of assistant to the pawnshop owner. Title: Mush and Milk Summary: When Cap's back pension finally comes in, he treats the gang to a day at an amusement park. The Pawnshop was Charlie Chaplin's sixth film for Mutual Film Company. Nice little film that you should enjoy from the late 1960s. The only stag loop I've seen that shows any camera skill or attention to detail. IMDb Page. A Hollywood exploitation film about the dangers of exploitation in Hollywood. Ce prix récompense les compositeurs d'une partition musicale écrite pour un film, une autre catégorie récompensant parallèlement la meilleure chanson originale. Oh, how the language has changed since those times. A Hollywood exploitation film about the dangers of exploitation in Hollywood. Selon les années, la récompense a été divisée en plusieurs catégories annexes[2] : Note : L'année indiquée est celle de la cérémonie, récompensant les films sortis au cours de l'année précédente[4]. Note the bizarre "bondage board". 10,796 were here. Part two of this unusually harsh '60s film loop. Here is one of the best '60s underground fetish shorts (most are terrible). DVDrip, 1800p. 1940s French stag film: whipping, spanking fetish, These Girls Are Fools (1950), exploitation short with nude scene, '70s Nunsploitation clips, nuns behaving badly in bizarre fetish films, Zorro Rides Again - Chapter 1: Death from the Sky, 1930s French fetish stag film: S&M, whipping, domination, 1960s S&M Fetish Stag Film, Dominatrix spanks schoolgirl, hard, 60s Sexploitation fetish films #3: Olga's Girls, Rare 1930s French fetish stag film #2: S&M with a smile, 1960s Fetish Stag Film: black dominatrix disciplines white slave girl, Olga's House of Shame - best scenes, part 1, Joan Capdevila Nogués (1921-2012), a Catalan independent filmmaker, 1960s Bondage-abduction fetish stag film #2, Zorro Rides Again - Chapter 2: The Fatal Minute. The attitude is playful, consensual, and very French. As in The Tramp, he works on finding a way to help... An investigator, Lon Chaney Jr, is assigned to find out why the stagecoach company's stages keep being attacked and sets out to discover who is behind it all. At the end of each chapter one has to drop another dime to continue the story. First, the TV version (from grainy foreign-dubbed copy) shows Tina Louise, of all people, as a tough... Another 1960s beauty posing naked on the couch. View movies and cartoons on youtube @ PDFREETV View trailers on youtube @ The Trailer Archive. Directed by: Jack White Actors: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard Production Company: Columbia Pictures Release Date: 30 May 1936 (USA) Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1 The stooges are witnesses at a trial where their friend, a dancer at a nightclub where they are musicians,... First chapter of a multi-part 1950s era peep-show called "The Nude Dude". Perhaps this film gets it right while all the others got it wrong. Over 8 mins long. Nancy strips for you. A. Marsden aims to take over the California-Yucatan Railroad with the aid of his henchman El Lobo. A naive girl with dreams of stardom lands her first role in a dubious "art film". Bizarre montage from four 1960s exploitation flicks (believed to be public domain). The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Shemp) are tailors and are heavily in debt. Dernière mise à jour: 25 avril 2017 Tous nos titres proviennent de chaines Youtube partagées. The second film clip, "Mrs. and her Maid", from an unknown source, is of the same subject. A very attractive bound girl struggles in various positions. "Maidens of Fetish Street" (1966) shows specialty prostitutes and a fierce whip-cracking madam. A sexual sadist gives his girlfriend a belt whipping and hand spanking as foreplay. It also stars Edna Purviance and Eric Campbell. The original French title is Le juif errant . S'informer Pour Informer And this is just the... Misty is one hell of a girl and she knows how to tease. Padmapriya Janakiraman (born 28 February 1982), better known mononymously as Padmapriya, is an Indian film actress and model.She is a trained bharatanatyam dancer, Padmapriya made her acting debut in the Telugu language film Seenu Vasanthi Lakshmi in 2003, following which she appeared in a number of Malayalam and Tamil language films. This series shows the influence of Irving Klaw's S&M photos and stag movies of Bettie Page et al. All show the fetishistic and perverse influence of the underground "roughie" film genre, in particular "Olga's House of Shame". A must to download. This was one of Chaplin's more popular Mutual Films, mainly for the slapstick comedy he was famous for at the time.... Three girls completely naked have fun together but without sex. . L’Oscar de la meilleure musique de film (Academy Award for Best Original Music Score[1]) est une récompense cinématographique américaine décernée chaque année, depuis 1935 par l’Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), laquelle décerne également tous les autres Oscars. Most of these '50s-'60s shorts are all-female and have a light tone I call "slumber party gone wrong". Henry Bergman played the owner and Edna Purviance the owner's daughter. You dont get to see her grumble and grunt but its close. A brief, unholy meditation on '70s-'80s era nunsploitation. de 1942 à 1957, de 1959 à 1962 et de 1969 à 1970 : La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 23 janvier 2021 à 21:53. Le film de Charles Chaplin, Les Feux de la rampe, a reçu l'Oscar de la meilleure musique en 1973 alors qu'il datait de 1952. Same lady as in "Vintage Striptease" but this time she strips for a bath. She goes berserk after her mousey schoolgirl slave brings home a note from her teacher. The rightful owners, Joyce and Phillip Andrews, naturally object. Use cases: Volumes are most useful when you need more storage space but don't need the additional processing power or memory that a larger Droplet would provide, like:. One girl gets a bit carried away thinking its a tits bouncing contest while the others dance in a more traditional 60s manner. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Ten hours of uninterrupted pink noise.For relaxation at low level and masking of other noise in your direct environment. Great quality and the girl is georgeous. Of interest to students of film (and pulchritude) is the final edited version followed by several rare and revealing... . But you can see the entire public domain film on "Vintage Erotica anno 1940" (Cult Epics). 273.1k Followers, 100 Following, 904 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jacquie et Michel (@jacquieetmichelelite) De nouvelles chansons sont ajoutées tous les jours! For the first time in a feature film, albeit an underground grindhouse flick, kinky S&M practices (bondage, whipping, spanking, breast torment, etc.) De 1969 à 1970 : Meilleure partition pour un film dramatique ou une comédie et Meilleure adaptation pour un film musical. Thin plot and story but basically an action serial. Universal Pictures 15 episodes. From hack director Joseph P. Mawra and sleaze producer George Weiss (who also produced "Glen or Glenda" and countless exploitation and nudie flicks). One wonders if this was intentional or a mistake in planning. You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page . A key scene from "Motel Confidential" (1967) that illustrates the shift in sexploitation films from voyeuristic comedies to hard-edged "roughies" that followed in the wake of "Olga's House of Shame", et al. A racier R-rated version with added nude scenes was then released to theaters as "Nightmare" (and later on video). "Family Spirit", 1940s (or earlier) French hardcore stag film with emphasis on fetishistic whipping, spanking and lots of other stuff. Released in 1916, it co-starred Edna Purviance, Eric Campbell, Leo White and Lloyd Bacon. WOW!!! The film involves Chaplin taking care of a man in a wheelchair. Biederer's Ostra Studio made a few non-pornographic films of this type. were openly displayed as the main attraction.... Charlie Chaplins 25th Film Released Aug. 31 1914 As His New Profession An American comedy silent film made at the Keystone Studios and starring Charlie Chaplin. In the days before full-length porn films were shown in theaters, these were set up in adult bookstores. As part of my study on the history of cinema fetishism, here are four typically over-the-top scenes from some nunsploitation films. Vous pouvez recevoir d'autres informations relatives à la confidentialité en lien avec votre utilisation des offres de FILMube, ainsi que des fonctionnalités et services spéciaux non décrits dans cette Politique qui pourraient être introduits dans le futur. topless girls dancing (in colour). Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. This was made to be seen in a coin-operated machine with a viewing slot. Representative selection of the best film productions of the Catalan filmmaker Joan Capdevila Nogués: catalan geography, traditions, dances, popular events, art, history and industries, filmed in more than a hundred cinematographic productions. Leave it to the Italian/Spanish/Mexican cinema to transmute Catholic guilt into sexual fetishism involving naughty nuns, masochism, sadism, whipping and lesbianism. She then finds a robe and sits on an old chair. As the document root or media upload directory for a web server One of the rarest (and most cheerful) S&M films ever made. "Nightmare in Badham County" was first shown on television in 1976 to capitalize on the then-popular women-in-prison exploitation trend. In the '20s & 30s he made elegant (and humorous) "French postcard" type nudes - and incredible fetish pictures (spanking, whipping, S&M, pony play, etc.). Hot work obviously. The sub-girl breaks character and smiles a couple of times which sort of shatters the illusion. both in look and over-the-top intensity. Coke was cola and a joint was a sleazy nightclub. This'll make ya smile. Dave Grohl wants to be his daughter Violet’s drummer: “It’s one of my She learns that Tinker Bell is her sister when their wings both glow. Directed by: Robert F. McGowan Actors: Production Company: Hal Roach Studios Release Date: 27 May 1933 (USA) Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1 When Cap's back pension finally comes in, he treats the gang to a day at an amusement park. "Sous Les Caresses du Martinet" (Under the Caresses of the Martinet) features two nice girls who make sado-masochism look as innocent and adorable as a pillow fight. Three clips of three girls from the 1960s. (You may want to avert your eyes during the skinny dipping sequence.) Apparantly a bit warm she strips off to reveal a lovely body. Chaplin, victime du maccarthysme , ayant décidé de s'exiler en Europe juste avant sa sortie, le film n'est sorti aux États-Unis que vingt ans plus tard. Note : Le premier chiffre désigne le nombre de récompenses, le second celui de nominations. This is both a time capsule and an ironic oddity. Please enjoy. She gets revenge by having the brunette bound and whipped, then she has wild sex with the guy. Young woman strips off to have a bath before going to bed. Like an alternate universe version of "Survivor" except with a bit more brutality, slavery, sex, and death. These Girls Are Fools was also released as Hell is a Place Called Hollywood (1950) and reissued in 1956, but may have been filmed in the '40s. Posting this because it's notable for its cinematic scene transitions. De 1963 à 1968 : Meilleure partition originale et Meilleure adaptation musicale. Charlie Chaplin played Dain Hosiery and Edna Purviance played Carmen. If you like my stuff please comment, nothing like a bit of feedback. Well worth the download. Certains films ont été nommés simultanément dans les deux catégories. Classic stuff for lovers of Vintage dancing and strippers. Depuis 1947, il est fixé à 5, exception faite de la catégorie Meilleure partition de chansons et adaptation musicale limitée à 3 nominations de 1973 à 1985. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Une maîtresse dans les bras, une femme sur le dos, The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella, Star Wars, épisode V : L'Empire contre-attaque, Star Wars, épisode VI : Le Retour du Jedi, Le Seigneur des anneaux : La Communauté de l'anneau, Le Seigneur des anneaux : Le Retour du roi, Les Désastreuses Aventures des orphelins Baudelaire, Les Aventures de Tintin : Le Secret de La Licorne, Star Wars, épisode VII : Le Réveil de la Force, Star Wars, épisode VIII : Les Derniers Jedi, Three Billboards : Les Panneaux de la vengeance, BlacKkKlansman : J'ai infiltré le Ku Klux Klan, Star Wars, épisode IX : L'Ascension de Skywalker, British Academy Film Award de la meilleure musique de film, Golden Globe de la meilleure musique de film, Site officiel de l'Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Base de données sur le site officiel des Oscars, Meilleur court métrage d'action sur deux bobines, Lauréats avec un Emmy, Tony et Grammy Awards,, Article contenant un appel à traduction en anglais, Page utilisant une présentation en colonnes avec un nombre fixe de colonnes, Portail:Récompenses et distinctions/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Les lauréats sont indiqués en tête de chaque catégorie et en caractères gras. De 1939 à 1941, 2 catégories : Meilleure partition originale et Meilleure adaptation musicale. One is sunbathing and the other has a hosepipe, watering the flowers. A simple scenario of a clumsy maid getting a hand spanking from her mistress. Good quality. You guessed, it ends in a water fight. Academy Award for Best Original Music Score, La traduction exacte du terme anglais est en fait «. One of the earliest examples of pony play fetishism on film. Les Beatles n’étant pas présent à la cérémonie, ce fut. The unknown model seen here is made up to look... (Part 3 of 3) Highlights from "Olga's Girls" (1964) directed by Joseph P. Mawra. Made in colour this is a trailer advertising the show. Accessories include a dog collar, ball-gag, quirt (whip) and an Army belt as restraining device. Periwinkle is a Frost Fairy who lives in the Winter Woods. Please enjoy. The music is from France, sorry no title but its beautiful music. This has some pretty explicit porn content that had to be edited here. Lovely short film with an amatuer girl of the 1960s. Nice little film from the 60s. A tranny back then was a tansister radio and a gay person was simply happy and outgoing. unknown girl is stripping and posing very nice girl. Story: A blond girl caught watching a couple having sex is harshly spanked and whipped. Was astonished to discover he also dabbled in stag films. Site officiel de Colmax TV avec des films et vidéos porno de qualité HD. Nino Rota n’était pas présent à la cérémonie. Nice body, lovely ass. Clips: Here, beautiful Phyllis Davis exhibits perfect form in a seduction bathing scene. AC3 audio codecs may be required. Good little film with three nice looking girls. She makes the bed and strips off at the same time!!! The Immigrant (also called Broke) starring the Charlie Chaplin Tramp character as an immigrant coming to the United States who is accused of theft on the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, and befriends a young woman along the way. This is both a time capsule and an ironic oddity.