Corteo hands her a bunch of money and asks if it will cover it. Serpente continues to hold a knife against his throat. He hides behind a tree and stares at the garage and pulls out his pocket knife. Smiling, Nero asks if he can at least have a cigarette. Luce protests, but Elena stays firm and brings him along. Granchio says he hadn't so Fango again asks about Nero. He has a severe hatred for the Vanetti family and hid for seven years until he received an anonymous letter to return to Lawless and exact his revenge. This shocks Cerotto and he asks why he would do that. Corteo says that Avilio must be kidding and asks what he thinks he's doing going after Delphy's family when his revenge is just against the Vanettis. Il apprend à Avilio que Fango a trahi Corteo, qui espionnait pour lui. Nero turns around and tells them to find the traitor. Vanno twists his arm and Ronald asks who the hell he thinks he is before he twists harder. Barbero says that not too many people knew that Nero would be there today. Avilio looks to the side and says that he realizes that it hardly compares to a car, wrapped as a gift. Nero picks him up and Avilio comes out and asks what happened, to the surprise of the two. Avilio shoots at the men but they run away, unharmed. He stares at the knife sticking out of the ham on the table. The record reaches the end of it's track and stops playing. Smiling, she leads them in. Vanno lets go and Ronald shoves Barbero before walking away. She says that she just brought them there. Avilio says that he's never seen him speak. He asks Nero if he has a moment. They all exit the room with Barbero stopping momentary to stare at Angelo. 91 Days : un anime mafieux en pleine vendetta. Corteo smiles at this, but then asks how. Español As Barbero starts to talk about Corteo, he asks Avilio to leave the room. Corteo asks if it's okay for him to be back in town. 91 Days (91デイズ?) Corteo, now looking nervous, smiles and says that he can leaves the Lodge to him. Ganzo says that it's about time he outgrew diapers himself. Fango remarks what a coincidence it is. Back at the Vanetti Mansion, Ganzo is shocked that Ronald suggested that they kill Nero. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Angelo exhales his cigarette and says that he has it backwards; if he abandons his revenge, he loses his reason for living. Nero doesn't answer, so he asks if they're taking Fango out. Barbero quickly stands between them and says that they're keeping it withing the family, but he's staying indoors on his doctor's recommendation. He has a paper in front of him. Avilio says he's drunk and that Nero should go on ahead as he walks out. Barbero says they still can't let him go alone. Coreto asks what he means. Tigre says to himself for them to show them the way. 2. Dessin. Cerotto says that Fango wants him. But he had a timid side to him. 91 días?) Tout commence par le meurtre d'une famille entière, sauf un garçon du nom d'Angelo qui arrive à s'échapper. Vanno tries to stand up and is almost shot. Barbero walks forward and pushes Angelo's knife into his shoulder. Corteo asks that he dug up info on his family. Since fighting there, he's served under Vince. Nero notes that it was something and Vanno says that it was pretty fun, though. He continues that prohibition's on the way out and, as long as they have the recipe, it won't take any time to make money. His brother walks past him and puts his arm behind Corteo's neck. He puts them into a bag and walks outside. Barbero quickly runs in front of Avilio and Avilio in front of Nero. Angelo says that Fango has nothing to lose. Smiling, he finishes that that includes themselves. Corteo looks very uncomfortable and looks over nervously at Avilio as he walks over. Fango tells him to have a drink first, and calm down. No one says anything for a moment before Avilio asks if Corteo is on the line. Corteo walks over with his hands up and Fango asks if he's Nero. Tigre and "Serpente" begin walking forward. He doesn't answer, so he knees him in the stomach and Corteo falls to the ground. As they walk in, Corteo notices Cerotto by one of the barells. As they had stopped to listen, Lacrima tells them to hurry up. Avilio agrees and says that the whole world's gone mad. Vanno pulls out his gun and bullets, and slides it across the table to him. Angelo, who had been leaning against a pole beside them, sees the silhouette of Corteo standing on the stairs. Smiling, he says to take it as an advance on future rent. At the abandoned building, Volpe laments that they betrayed them and says that they're going to sell them to Fango. At a zoo, Corteo asks if that's his favorite place. Regarder 91 Days anime complet VF et Vostfr HD gratuitement. Corteo looks very uncomfortable as he takes the envelope. But Corteo stubbornly refuses to confess anything, a fact which will likely lead to his death. As blood flows out of his wound, Angelo chokes out that his comrades are after Nero as they speak. Barbero calls him a liar and says that they both went after Nero together. Scusa asks what he'll doing with Corteo, then. Tigre spits into his wine glass and, smiling, says that it seems they're about to start. Nero walks behind him and watches them go silently. Barbero says that teetotalers have it rough. Barbero says that he vetted them before inviting them. Drama. Suddenly, Fango spots Tigre, Barbero, and Nero driving by in front of them. She asks if he's a friend of Angelo's. Corteo returns safely home and, at some point, begins reading at his kitchen table. Now alone, Angelo pours himself a shot. En curso That night, they switch beds as Corteo sleeps on Angelo's bed and Angelo sleeps on the table. Later the same day, Nero sits in his office drinking Lawless Heaven. Angelo replies that he and Luce are like his brothers. The bartender reads this and is disappointed and says that that's always how it ends up. Corteo quietly asks what he was thinking, they came because they needed money. He thinks it to be Corteo and tells him that he "did it" before falling unconscious. Barbero says that everyone's a suspect. Barbero adjust his glasses and asks if it is the liquor they mentioned. Sus familias siempre se llevaron bien y además, entre ellos, hay un gran vinculo familiar. Angelo asks if they found where Corteo is hiding, and Nero says that they hadn't. He thinks about the past. Vanno then makes a disgusted face and asks Granchio for a coffee. It's shown that the other people is a hallucination of him. Before Gatto can shoot Angelo, he is shot in the shoulder and drops his gun. They have been indexed as Male Adult with Blue eyes and Black hair that is To Ears length. He found some booze stolen from then in their parking lot. Corteo says that he doesn't actually want to make moonshine, and just does it so he can go to school. Avilio tells him that it isn't a problem before walking away. Corteo. Volpe gets close to his face and asks if he thinks they can trust him. Avilio asks how they know it was him, and he motions over to Gatto. Cerotto nervously says that it's nice to see him. Barbero chokes a bit and says that it's got quite a kick and asks where they make it. Fango says that Serpente seems to have lost a little weight and that his clothes have blood on them. Nero looks over to see Avilio rummage through a box behind him and pull out a pocket knife. Fango swings heavily without hitting it, then asks how he was. Barbero says that someone saw him on the pier the day Avilio left for Chicago. He pulls the sack off his head, revealing it to be Angelo. High quality 91 Days gifts and merchandise. Barbero. He tries to find a lighter, but Angelo tosses his at him. Snow begins to fall lightly and the two look up. Fango says that he doesn't know if he can hold out. Histórico. Angelo asks why he asks, when he thought his revenge was stupid before. Corteo gets out of the car and Fango asks if he's gonna walk home. Avilio asks if Nero was there. Corteo has a meek and straight-laced personality. Apodos 08-sep-2020 - Explora el tablero de Marychi "91 days" en Pinterest. Delphy asks what it is. Edad Horas más tarde, siente un ruido y se asoma a la ventana. Angelo doesn't say anything as Barbero holds a gun to Angelo's head. So he hailed a taxi and followed him. Estado Vince scolds him slightly for this. He light his cigarette and says that it's bizarre and explains that they claim to be his dad's best friend, and want to help him with his revenge and that He's been handed everything, even the names of the men who stole the people he loved. He also says he thought he was replaced as head of the Bureau. Losing everything he holds dear, he leaves both his name and hometown behind, adopting the new identity of Avilio Bruno. Avilio says "It was you, wasn't it?" He has grayish-black hair hair that is slicked back, usually wearing a hat. Antes de irse, se despidió de toda la familia Lagusa y en el camino, se encontro con Testa Lagusa. Down by a small river, Corteo opens his bag and takes out a bottle of Lawless Heaven and thinks about their time together. Del Toro stands quietly behind him. Barbero slaps him twice and is about to punch him when Nero calmly says that it's enough. Outside, Luce says goodbye to Corteo and Corteo does the same. Tigre says that they came out. Barbero says that it doesn't matter if he does, because now Fango thinks he does so he wont attack him. Corteo/Fango (91 Days) Corteo (91 Days) Fango (91 Days) Angelo Lagusa | Avilio Bruno; Nero Vanetti; Gay Sex; Gay; Voyeurism; Accidental Voyeurism; Anal; Anal Sex; Childhood Friends; Enemies to Lovers; Loss of Virginity; Virginity; Summary. The two head out and go to the grocery store. Angelo calmly says that if they do, he won't be able to get close to Vince. Angelo says that he knows it's good as he lights a cigarette and begins to smoke it. Corteo walks towards the door before Fango tells him that he might tell Nero who the real traitor is. Barbero asks if he should accompany him and Frate answers that he has to stay because they can't run the moonshine business without him. AFTER MIDNIGHT. They pull machine guns out of a box so Avilio calls out to Nero. En abril de 1921, el día del cumpleaños de Bruno, él fue a su casa a jugar. He looks over at Angelo and stops. Before he can answer, a man at the front door yells and falls to the ground. Perso : Corteo, Anime : 91 Days. He seems to be slowly reaching for it, before Nero says that Ganzo thinks pretty highly of Avilio and that he really pushed for him to take Avilio there. Ronald says that, either way, he's already made fools out of them. Angelo asks himself why he came back and what he's been killing for. Sometime later, Corteo and Avilio both go to a local cafe in an effort to persuade Delphy. Vanno says that she's Fango's mistress and that her apartment is across from the Lawless Chronicle. Coreto asks if he's okay and then gets up to make some coffee. Back at Ganzo's house, he says that he's relieved that he returned because he was worried that he might run off with Corteo. Granchio tells Nero not to get so mad. According to Cerotto, he was a virgin when he died.He showed to be very loyal to Angelo, and returned from exile to 'save him' despite it being a trap. Angelo comes inside the house. At the counter, Nero, and Barbero sit while Corteo and Volpe stand. 91 Days by Oujiji on DeviantArt . He passes his cigarette to Nero and he says the the booze was good after taking a drag and that it'll make them lots of money. Fango says that he heard they'd kill Orco for him. Cerotto says that it's no use and that he reeks of booze. As Cerotto opens the second door, his brother stands on the other side holding a bat. Nero smiles and says sure. Seven years prior to the story, his family was murdered by the Vanetti Family. Tigre says that he hadn't said anything yet. Angelo doesn't reply, so he begins talking about Corteo; saying that he never wanted to join the family, no matter how much money he could get from it, he wouldn't even consider it. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. He drops one and it rolls to Avilio's feet. 17-ene-2017 - Fernando Barrera descrubrió este Pin. Gianni says that Ganzo might kill him before he does. Ronald notices them and smiles and beginds walking over to them. They use these to make supper. Without a word, Avilio stands up and leaves while Barbero seems to glare at him. Suddenly, Fango raises his gun at them and shouts that he'd never be able to forgive him as he points the gun at Angelo. He deserved the best. Corteo thanks Avilio for before. Tigre and Cerotto run out the window. Angelo takes a drink and then a drag of his cigarette without answering him. Ep: 1 Ep: 2 Ep: 3 Ep: 4 Ep: 5 Ep: 6 Ep: 7 Ep: 8 Ep: 9 Ep: 10 Ep: 11 Ep: 12 Ep: 13. As a child living in the town of Lawless, Angelo Lagusa has witnessed a tragedy: his parents and younger brother have been mercilessly slaughtered by the Vanetti mafia family. Avilio holds his hand up, 5, and says that 3.5 is out of the question. Vanno says that Orco's gotten serious. DAL VERME Via Luchino dal Verme 8 -Magistris, Info. He again refuses and hangs up the phone as his wife and daughter look scared. Corteo has dark skin and a slender build. Barbero explains that Gatto came to throw himself at their mercy with the info about Corteo. Corteo (91 Days) Angelo Lagusa | Avilio Bruno; Corteo's mother; Friendship; Childhood Trauma; Loss of Parent(s) Home; Summary. Delphy asks what Vanetti's dogs want with him. Ronald looks annoyed and asks that he won't even attend his own daughter's wedding. He says that to kill Vince, he needs Ganzo's help, since he needs Angelo as well. This angers Angelo and Corteo says that even if he hadn't, it would have been the same way with him dying. Fango pushes Tigre in front of him with a gun to his head. Fango laughs and jumps back. Testa catches both of them and pats their heads cheerfully. 91 Days Saison 1 Episode 1 en streaming vf et vostfr . The four men drive along the road, with Nero driving, Vanno in the passenger seat, Avilio behind Nero and Corteo to the right of him. Tigre takes a spoonful in his mouth, but then recoils in pain and throwshis spoon on the table. The voice says that it's his last warning. In the back yard, Nero smokes a cigarette. He says that with his gun, he can clear any suspicion of him. They all seem surprised to see him. As Avilio walks to Corteo's apartment, we see that the Vanetti men are all out looking for him. Hearing cars pull up, Ganzo announces that the Galassias have arrived. Corteo stares at him, horrified, and Fango reiterates that he no longer needs him. Despite this, he agrees to help Angelo. - Frate says that the family tried to kill Nero like the Galassias wanted, but he was too sharp, and left town before they got to him. Nero smiles and stands up, and tells Avilio that he should come too. Barbero asks where he is and Corteo says that he's Fango's hostage. Estatus He says to think of it as an appetizer; they're made from fine Italian cows. The man calls him a son of a bitch before Fango clocks him with it and the man falls to the ground. Cerotto explains that Fango betrayed Corteo and that once he got the recipe from Scusa, he didn't need him anymore. Corteo asks his to leave. He introduces him to Avilio and Corteo. Nero tells him not to worry; he's just going for a quiet drive in the country. Smiling, Nero says he knows and that Barbero worries too much as he and Angelo walk out the door. Corteo says that Nero's one of his revenge targets. Corteo calls out to him so he turns around. Visionnez 91 Days Épisode 9, Black and Deep Desires, sur Crunchyroll. They would often play together. Avilio walks through and points a gun at him. Corteo has a meek and straight-laced personality. At Avilio's apartment, he is awoken by the ringing of his phone. Je Tombe Amoureux. He says that he doesn't have anyone holding him down, then. Avilio asks who the man beside his father was. He asks if it's time for them to head back on their trip. Corteo says that he can't stands the mafia. Frate say that he won't die, and that should be enough. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. The two sit down together inside. The two run to the back as Barbero and Nero run out as well. Angelo asks if he wants some coffee and they both go into his room to sit on the bed and drink it. The man doesn't respond but turns along with everyone else as Angelo walks down the hall. Angelo asks where they are, and Nero answers that it's a moonshine brewery he had specially made. Nero takes a sips from a jar and says that it's good stuff. Barbero says that since Corteo and Avilio have known each other so long, and since Avilio's covered for Corteo before, he feels a bit uneasy about him. He and Corteo have been friends since even before that fateful day in 1921. He stumbles backwards before Corteo stabs him in the throat and blood begins poring out of the top. Corteo looks shocked at this. Vanno says that it seems the old man's getting the works. Conseil en Optimisisation de Coûts Télécoms. Avilio goes to the Vanetti mansion and walks past Del Toro. Avilio is shocked but stays hidden. Before he shoots, the man suddenly kicks the gun upwards and pulls out a knife, swiping it him. At the Vanetti mansion, Avilio jumps over the wall. Nero and Avilio are walking and Avilio says that Fango probably already knows where the lodge is. Nero walks in and asks what's wrong. As they walk through, Angelo says that it's a pretty big operation. In the room, Nero holds a gun to a man who appears to be Serpente (but whose head is covered in a sack). He sits down in a chair there and looks over at Corteo's back before looking out the window. Retrouvez toutes les news et les vidéos de la série TV 91 Days. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. Barbero tells Nero that more and more bars are passing on buying their liquor. Vanno winds up and punches Gatto in the face. Fango stands facing his desk with a record playing and the curtains blowing in the wind. Nero says that they have no choice; Corteo needs to die. Información Seven years ago, on his birthday in April 1921, his father, mother, and little brother were murdered by Vincento Vanetti and … Tigre and Barbero look unfazed by this and Barbero tells him not to change the subject. Tigre says that Ganzo has a real temper when it comes to Nero and begins to say something before looking up at Avilio and apologizing. Barbero asks if Corteo showed up at the boat and Tigre tells him that he hadn't. Luce finds a berry and asks if it's poisonous. Amigos Familia Though Testa was busy with work, he’d gone to the trouble of taking leave to go on this picnic. 91 Days (TV Mini-Series 2016– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Corteo suddenly trips and finds that it was over Scusa's body, with his forehead caved in. 27-jul-2017 - Explora el tablero de Sara Valenzuela "91 days anime" en Pinterest. Soma Saito. He goes to the window where a bottle of Lawless Heaven sits. Corteo says that, starting now, they're brothers. Vanno says grace and they begin eating. Avilio walks over with his hands behind his head. Nero admonishes Nero, but he says that Angelo will work. At some point, Corteo begins selling booze to make money to go to medical school. Angelo, Corteo, Barbero, and Nero sit in their room. Losing everything he holds dear, he leaves both his name and hometown behind, adopting the new identity of Avilio Bruno. Corteo says that it looks like they're stopping all the boats at the bridges too. Fango says that Avilio sure suprised him the day before. There, he found Vanno and Serpente's bodies. Corteo quickly stands up and walks toward one of the tanks. Nero says that he's a good guy. Corteo slips the envelope into Avilio's coat pocket. Corteo laughs at him, saying he's jealous since he was an only child. Anime 91 Days : As a child living in the town of Lawless, Angelo Lagusa has witnessed a tragedy: his parents and younger brother have been mercilessly slaughtered by the Vanetti mafia family. In the room, the door knob slowly turns and then is kicked open. Nero says that he can't believe that they called them out there just to check the carpet color. Corteo apologizes then says that they're going to kill him if Avilio doesn't kill Nero. Overlooking the Island, Corteo says that that's where it will probably fetch the highest price. 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru. Nero asks if he means Del Toro. That night, at a bar, a drunk Cerotto remarks that he never thought that Corteo would join the mafia since he used to always say that he hated them. Back at the warehouse, all six men sleep in the floor but Angelo. Luce then closes the door and Corteo and Angelo walk down the steps. Granchio is about to punch him when Nero grabs his arm. Barbero says that they've locked down all roads leading out of the city. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Él siempre iba a su casa a jugar. Outside, Tigre and Gianni are talking about Fango. In a car overlooking the town, Fango tells a crying Corteo to calm down. Rate. Avilio says that's funny, as he heard they lost some turf downtown to the Orco family. Avilio suddenly grabs his gun and shoves it to the side as he pushes a knife into Fango's throat. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! The man tells him to hear him out and runs toward him. He holds out a sweet candy wrapped in thin paper. At the office again, Corteo, Avilio, Barbero, Tigre, and Nero sit together.